Creating Public Events

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    This document refers to a process that is no longer in place; as of October 17, 2012, due to the poor lifetime views of "Events" content - events content is no longer displayed at This page has been left here as a historical eXtension record of past documentation, discussion and/or decisions. Instead please post your Online Events in LEARN at READ More

    Events that are displayed at eXtension's public site ( ) are not authored at - instead, public events  are created, edited, and removed within the public site itself.

    To add or edit a new event, make sure you are logged in by going to eXtension's People application ( ) and logging in using your registered email address and your password.

    Creating Public Events

    To edit events - just go to and click "calendar"

    If you are logged in - you'll see a button to create a new event:

    This will display a form for entering a new event.

    Editing Public Events

    To edit a public event, just click on the event that you want to edit, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and if logged in, you'll see a button to edit the event (along with a link to see more information about the event, such as the link report for the event).

    Clicking "edit" will display a form to edit the event, or delete the event if you need to.